NK Trade In, Trade Up Program

Your NK product should keep working long after the warranty expires, and many problems can be repaired for a reasonable fee after the warranty expires. But, eventually, all good things come to an end, or it you may just be ready to move up to a product more with more or newer features. Every NK control unit or major accessory (listed below) has a trade-in value towards a replacement product, no matter its age or condition. Yes, even if you drive over your CoxBox, or dig an old SpeedCoach out of the mud, send us what's left and we'll give you a discount on a new CoxBox or SpeedCoach. Your trade-in may be applied to any product shown below in the same family of equal or greater value, and only one trade-in may be applied per new product. Your trade-in must be surrendered to NK to receive the value and cannot be retained for parts or attempted salvage.

To make it even easier to take advantage of this program, we'll even let you apply your Trade-In retroactively against your replacement product order! Simply place your order for your new product on our website. When you receive your new product, place your Trade-In in the same shipping box along with your order paperwork and return it to us. On the outside, please mark TRADE-IN ORDER#####. When we receive it, we will credit the trade-in value below to your original form of payment. Your Trade-In MUST be received within thirty (30) days or your replacement product order date and your purchased product must be of equal or greater value and in the same family as your trade-in as shown below. Any questions? Email us at info@nkhome.com!

Product Trade-In Value
Boat Audio
CoxVox Coxswain's Amplifier (discontinued) $60.00
CoxBox Mini Coxswain's Amplifier $60.00
CoxBox84 (Metal can & BNC mic connector - discontinued) $100.00
CoxBox08 (Plastic can with bumpers & P2 rubber mic connector) $100.00
Microphone -> Trade In toward New Microphone Only $20.00
CoxBox Battery -> Trade In Toward New Battery Only $20.00
Sports Performance
SpeedCoach PC Interface -> Trade In Toward New Interface or GPS Only $20.00
StrokeCoach $20.00
StrokeCoach with Surge $40.00
StrokeCoach Red (discontinued) $40.00
StrokeCoach Gold (discontinued) $50.00
SpeedCoach XL1 $60.00
SpeedCoach XL2 $60.00
SpeedCoach XL3 $80.00
SpeedCoach XL4 $80.00
Speedcoach GPS / SUP Model 1 (discontinued) $80.00
Speedcoach GPS Model 2 / SUP 2 / OC 2 $80.00
Speedcoach GPS Model 1 with HR / SUP Model 1 with HR $100.00
Speedcoach GPS Model 2 / SUP 2 / OC 2 With Training Pack $100.00
Cadence Rowing Wristwatch (discontinued) $20.00
Interval 2000 Rowing Strokewatch $30.00
Interval XC 2000 Track & Field Stopwatch $30.00
Blue Ocean Megaphone $100.00
Blue Ocean Battery -> Trade In Toward New Battery Only $20.00