SpeedCoach OC 2

Introducing the ONLY training tool built specifically for Outrigger Canoes!
With nearly 40 years as the industry leader in paddle sport training technology for elite athletes, NK's SpeedCoach OC 2 will make your boat more informed and cross the finish line faster. Train smarter and improve your performance with one simple tool – SpeedCoach OC 2.

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Measurements & Performance Features

The SpeedCoach OC 2 is the ONLY performance monitor specifically designed for outrigger canoes. With this groundbreaking product, your athletes will be more efficient, and ultimately more successful, at moving the boat in the water.

Available only with upgrade purchase of the SpeedCoach OC 2 Training Pack



  • Speed

    Get real-time speed without slowing down to look at your watch. Our precision 5 Hz GPS allows for accurate and responsive speed.

  • Distance

    Get accurate distance with the SpeedCoach OC 2 5 Hz GPS processor. This unit pulls satellite readings 5 times a second, compared to once a second for most GPS watches.

  • Distance Per Stroke (Glide)

    Save energy by determining how effective each one of your strokes is. Get the most glide and speed while expending the least amount of energy.

  • Stroke Rate

    Real-time stroke rate information is critical to improving your performance and also helps determine which paddle and board are right for you.

  • Paddle Specific Calorie Burn

    The SpeedCoach OC 2 now features NK's propriety measurement of energy expenditure displayed as both total calories burned per hour.

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  • Heart Rate

    Pair the unit with a heart rate belt to enable heart rate monitoring and logging. The heart rate measurement also provides an even more accurate energy expenditure reading. Learn More »


  • Programmable Workouts

    Program up to six workouts right on the unit based on time or distance.

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  • Wireless Data Transfer & Review

    Wirelessly transfer just go and workout interval data to PC or Mac for viewing and storage.

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  • On-Unit Data Recall

    Data recall tied to workout sessions for in-depth review of pieces on the water.

  • Two Flex Fields

    Determine what real-time measurements are important to you and display them in the two bottom flex fields.

  • Wirelessly Upgradeable Firmware

    The SpeedCoach OC 2 is built on a modular and expandable platform. As new features and firmware updates are released, use the LiNK application to upgrade or update your unit.

  • Rechargeable Batteries

    Rechargeable battery lasts multiple sessions.

  • Auto Backlight

    Get more out of your early morning and late-night paddles with proper lighting.

  • Clock

SpeedCoach OC 2 with

Training Pack

Take your paddling to the next level by purchasing the SpeedCoach OC 2 with Training Pack. The Training Pack software adds programmable workouts, detailed on-unit data recall, heart rate, and wireless data transfer via LiNK™.

Programmable Workouts

Program your workout right on the unit based on time or distance. Workouts are easy to set up, save and run. Unit comes pre-programmed with 6 editable workouts. Get the most out of your training plans by programming them into your SpeedCoach.

Wireless Data Transfer

Transfer data via LiNK to your PC or Mac for review. Export data as a CSV file to Excel for more detailed analysis and charting options. Or export data as a FIT file to enable transfer to most third-party training websites, such as Endomondo, Strava and Training Peaks. Map your paddling course, share your results with friends or coaches via Facebook and Twitter, even challenge your fellow paddlers to a battle to improve on your results.

Heart Rate

Compatible with any Bluetooth® low energy (also called Bluetooth 4.0 or BLE) heart rate belt. Paddle specific calorie equation incorporates heart rate feature to provide the most accurate energy expenditure calculation for intense paddlers.

Log & Track Your Performance with LiNK

Expand the performance improving capabilities of the SpeedCoach OC platform. LiNK includes Bluetooth® low energy wireless connectivity to heart rate belts, sensors, phones, tablets, PCs (dongle required) and Macs as well as cloud connectivity, web analytics and real-time tracking via third-party training apps.

Download LiNK for Windows or LiNK for Mac OS X
  • 1

    Wirelessly transfer 'just go' and workout interval data to PC or Mac for viewing and storage

  • 2

    Export data to charting and analysis programs, such as Excel, via CSV.

  • 3

    Export data to FIT file format to enable transfer to any FIT-compatible third-party websites, such as Endomondo or Strava

Paddle Specific


The SpeedCoach OC 2 uses our paddle specific calorie equation. Most products and apps available use a cycling or running based equation, and no other performance monitor offers an equation based on the precise motions of paddling. The experts at NK have partnered with researchers from the University of Montana to bring paddlers an equation that takes into account three distinct paddling profiles, based on different levels of paddling techniques, and energy expenditure, based on oxygen consumption.

The NK Paddle Specific Calorie equation gives you a real-time accurate answer to the question, "How many calories did I burn during that workout? Learn More »

View Nk’s Calorie study video here

SpeedCoach OC 2 is

Impeller Compatible

The SpeedCoach OC is compatible with our SpeedCoach Impeller (sold separately), which will give the paddler a more accurate speed when traveling on moving current. Training with an impeller has been the gold standard for rowing for years, especially for teams that train on moving water. Impeller speed measures the movement of the boat relative to the water, while GPS speed measures the movement of the boat relative to the ground. This can be a powerful training tool and a great way to learn more about your paddling. To get started training with an impeller you will need the SpeedCoach Wiring Canoe/Kayak Sensor, Wireless Angle Bracket Mount, and SpeedCoach Impeller.

If you are interested, we wrote a blog post highlighting the differences of impeller speed versus GPS speed.

Speed Matters. Stroke Counts. Buy Now.

Train smarter, improve your performance and stay fit with the only training and fitness tool built specifically for Outrigger Canoes.
The SpeedCoach OC 2 is designed and built in the USA and comes with a 2-year warranty.

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