Is It Time to Upgrade?

The NK team wants to support our customers and make things as easy as possible! That’s why we developed the customer care discount program.

If there is a product that you’re interested in but don’t want to pay full price, chances are you won’t have to! Customers that already own an NK product and want to upgrade to a newer model can simply check the trade-in value guide on our website here. It doesn’t matter how old the product is, NK will provide you with a product credit that will save you money!

Want to know how it’s done? It’s easy!

  1. Make your purchase on NK’s website at full price.
  2. When your package arrives, take out the packing slip and make a copy of it.
  3. Send the old NK product back along with the packing slip (within 30 days) in a box marked “Customer Care Program”.
  4. Once NK receives your package, your account will be credited for the corresponding trade-in value!

View all of the trade-in values of NK’s products here.

2 thoughts on “Is It Time to Upgrade?

  1. So returning an older NK product generates a credit against a future purchase, not a refund against the full price paid for the new product? I am only interested in exchanging a wire dependent stroke coach for a wireless one and would like to know exactly how much that will cost. Could you please let me know? Thanks

    1. It is a credit against the current purchase, not a future purchase. The credit is just not applied back until we have the returned product in hand. So as an example, you would purchase a SpeedCoach GPS from our site at full price: $399.00. Once you receive the new product, make a copy of the receipt and send that and the old product, as an example we’ll use Stroke Coach, back to us. Once we receive this package we then credit back your account the trade-in price, for a STC Surge it is $40.00.

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