Kestrel Weather & Environmental Meters & Precision & Competitive Shooting

Training & Operations

Crosswind strongly influences the accuracy of sharp shooting, becoming the largest error component at long ranges. Even medium crosswind velocities (~5 m/s) along the flight path of a bullet can cause 1-meter deviations at 500 meters. The Kestrel automatically calculates the crosswind, as well as measures the other environmental factors that play into ballistics performance - temperature, humidity and density altitude. Simply plug the Kestrel's weather data into any ballistics software to calculate accurate windage adjustments.
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Reading and compensating for the wind is critically important in competitive archery. The wind presses on the bow itself, and dramatically influences the flight direction and fall rate of the arrow. The further the distance to the target, the greater the influence of the wind. Accurate measurement of the wind in practice and in competition is the best way for a competitive archer to develop his or her ability to read and adjust for the wind. The Kestrel 1000 is simple, accurate, reliable and easy to carry. Simply hold it up and it gives you the current wind speed, maximum wind gust and average wind speed since you turned it on.
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Reloading & Ballistics

Whether using a full-blown ballistics software application, or simply recording results of your own ballistics observations, accurate recording of wind speed, temperature, pressure, altitude and relative humidity is vitally important. Air temperature alone affects the ballistics picture in multiple ways, impacting air density, air elasticity, combustion rate, and even air pressure inside the cartridge. Loads developed at sea level pressure will shoot much flatter at high elevations or low pressure. Ballistic coefficients are reported in standard atmospheric conditions and correction for both temperature and pressure is required to easily yield an accurate BC. Armed with a Kestrel 5000, you can measure and store the environmental conditions for each shot you take, and then upload the data to a computer for later reference or input it into a ballistics program for detailed trajectory calculations.

The Kestrel® 5000 is consistently on the military sniper's "most wanted" list of desired equipment.

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Police Work

Within seconds of arriving at a scene, police, SWAT, special operations and first response personnel can gather the weather data they need quickly and accurately with a Kestrel . The data logging capabilities of any Kestrel 5000 series meter provide fool-proof documentation of all historical data in the field, making incident report preparation a snap. Paired with the Portable Vane Mount and a tripod, a Kestrel is capable of measuring all parameters required for CAMEO®/ALOHA® plume modeling applications with no tedious setup.
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Long Range, Competitive, & Benchrest Shooting

"A 45° oblique wind gives a three-quarter value wind speed."

"A clump of grass dropped from three feet drifts 3 feet for every 10 MPH of wind speed."

"The air pressure decreases by one inch for each 1000 feet of elevation gained."

As a long-range or benchrest shooter, you probably know and use rules of thumb like these. You know that crosswind, air pressure, temperature and humidity all affect the ballistic coefficient and wind drift of your shot. But estimates and rules of thumb won't consistently yield a small group. Use a Kestrel Weather & Ballistics Meter to measure every environmental factor that impacts the accuracy of your shot. With its integrated digital compass and patented impeller, the Kestrel measures wind speed and wind direction, and calculates crosswind and headwind with respect to the target. Plus it measures air pressure (actual and barometric), altitude, density altitude, temperature and relative humidity and logs up to 2000 sets of data automatically or manually. Serious shooters don't estimate — they use Kestrel. Just ask the US Olympic Biathlon Team — they use their Kestrels before every shot.
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