Kestrel Weather & Environmental Meters for Research & Technology

Gathering information, exploring ideas and cultivating knowledge is the essence of learning. Kestrel Weather & Environmental Meters are an accurate, reliable tool to aid in studying the world around us.

Windmill and Wind Power Generation

The utilization of alternate energy sources, including residential and commercial wind turbines, requires measuring wind data prior to installation. A Kestrel Meter is the ideal tool for affordable and easy, on-site measurements. Average wind speed is critical in determining the proper size and placement of the turbine. Particularly in hilly or mountainous regions where state – sponsored wind statistics aren’t reliable, the Kestrel gives accurate measurements from right where you are.

Academic Research

Whether in a classroom, laboratory or in the field, the most important component of research is accuracy. Researchers worldwide trust Kestrel Weather & Environmental Meters to give them reliable measurements for a diverse range of studies. From environmental conservation, marine and ocean research to cave research and scientific expeditions, the Kestrel Meter makes gathering real-time data simple. The Kestrel 4000 series with Bluetooth ® low energy data transfer makes documenting conditions and in-depth analysis simple with instant wireless capabilities in the field or in the lab.


Horticulturists study the delicate details of plant life and therefore require a precise, accurate tool for monitoring such complex life systems.  Kestrel Weather & Environmental Meters can be used for research in plant cultivation and breeding, crop production, genetic engineering, plant biochemistry and plant physiology. Environmental stresses affect the health and behavior of plant life. Effectively monitor significant conditions that contribute to plant quality, crop yield, and insect and disease resistance, such as humidity, wind, dewpoint, altitude and more.

Scientific Expeditions

Scientific expeditions often lead researchers to extreme environments. Kestrel Weather Meters perform in the toughest of conditions at high accuracy. Our meters have traveled with researchers on mountaintops, to remote jungles and across glaciers. Barometric pressure and dewpoint help to predict weather trends; wind chill and heat stress index warn of dangerous conditions for long-term exposure. The Kestrel 4000’s extensive memory and Bluetooth® low energy data transfer capabilities are ideal for keeping logs or sending information back to camp. Stay prepared, stay safe and stay on course with a Kestrel Weather & Environmental Meter.

Paranormal Investigations

When investigating activities unseen to the naked eye, only a Kestrel Meter can accurately detect the slightest fluctuations in the immediate environment. Paranormal investigators are concerned with monitoring sudden changes in conditions, such as wind, barometric pressure and temperature. Waterproof and extremely rugged, Kestrel Meters are as fearless to harsh environments as the ghost hunters who use them.

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