Kestrel Weather & Environmental Meters for Law Enforcement

You fearlessly serve and protect our communities. You consider this line of work more than a job – it’s a duty. Kestrel Weather & Environmental Meters are on duty with our policemen and women, enduring and performing right alongside them.

Law Enforcement

Within seconds of arriving at a scene, police, SWAT, special operations and first response personnel can gather the weather data they need quickly and accurately with a Kestrel 5500. The data logging capabilities of any Kestrel 5000 series meter provide fool-proof documentation of all historical data in the field, making incident report preparation a snap. Paired with the Portable Vane Mount and a tripod, a Kestrel 5500 is capable of measuring all parameters required for CAMEO®/ALOHA® plume modeling applications with no tedious setup.


K9 Operations – Search & Rescue, Mine Removal

Effective and safe K9 operations require close monitoring of the wind speed, temperature and humidity conditions in the area where the dogs are working. Military K9 handlers carry a Kestrel in their pocket to enable them to know their conditions, wherever they are working with their dogs.

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