Kestrel Weather & Environmental Meters & HVAC

Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration

HVAC/R system commissioning and verification can determine that a system is working correctly, or can identify a problem area in a faulty system. Volume air flow is a calculation based on the air velocity and the dimensions of the flow opening, and it’s one of the most important measurements HVAC/R professionals require. The Kestrel 4200 automatically calculates air flow in CFM, making the technician’s job easier and faster.  Because it also measures the moisture content of the air, it is quickly becoming an essential piece of equipment for the dehumidification and mold inspection and remediation professional as well.

Home Inspections

A large portion of any home inspection will be dedicated to examining the heating and air conditioning systems. Quickly checking the consistency of warm and/or cool air in each room is as easy as entering the duct and holding a Kestrel 4200 in the air flow.  The 4200 also logs data with the press of a button, allowing home inspectors to save data and review it back at the office when writing up their report.

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