Advantages to Agriculture and Farming with Kestrel Weather and Environmental Meters

In a regulation-intensive activity, the Kestrel helps you ensure compliance. Relative humidity, wind speed and wind direction are all critical measurements for ensuring safety and effectiveness in farming and agriculture. Minimize waste and maximize your productivity with a Kestrel Meter.

Livestock Temperature Monitoring

Heat stress can reduce productivity and even cause death in livestock. By using a Kestrel to monitor temperature and humidity, and referring to the heat index appropriate for their livestock, farmers can take appropriate cooling measures in time to prevent sickness and loss. Find out more on the Cattle Heat Stress minisite.


The Kestrel’s accurate wind speed readings ensure safe and effective spraying during appropriate weather conditions. Many locales have regulations specifying maximum permitted wind speed when spraying to minimize spray drift. In hot, dry conditions, evaporation can send your expensive chemicals uselessly into the air rather than onto your crops. Selecting an appropriate nozzle and increasing the spray droplet size can minimize costly evaporation.

Barn Ventilation

Proper ventilation, temperature and humidity control of livestock facilities can reduce disease and prevent stock loss as well as improve your rate of gain and feed-conversion efficiency. Measure the conditions that matter most – right where your stock are experiencing them.


Irrigation Audits

Inefficient irrigation systems are costly: they waste water, wash off fertilizers and lawn chemicals, and degrade sidewalks and roads prematurely. The ultimate tool for irrigation audit monitoring is the Kestrel 5500 together with a tripod and Kestrel Vane Mount.  The data log is ideal for use in the field, and wireless Bluetooth® low energy data transfer capabilities makes log entries and report development a snap back in the office.


Vineyard managers can monitor the weather right at the individual vine. In the spring and fall, knowing the temperature trends and dew point is critical to determining the need for frost protection. In the summer, being able to track solar radiation and sun exposure is key. Tracking conditions at potential vine locations can help you develop an accurate understanding of your property’s microclimates and select the varietals and growing sites that will ensure success year after year.

Crop Harvesting

Keeping an eye on the current and developing environmental conditions can help farmers determine the best time to harvest. Whatever your crop, a Kestrel Weather & Environmental Meter makes it easy to monitor field conditions real-time to ensure selection of the ideal conditions for maximizing your harvest and crop quality.


Golf Course Management & Landscaping

The Kestrel is the perfect tool to get an accurate assessment of air movement, which is vital for healthy turf in areas where surface cooling is needed. Proper air movement reduces leaf wetness and decreases the likelihood of fungal diseases. A constant air movement of just 3 mph coupled with adequate soil moisture can reduce the need for pesticide use and keep turfs up to par.

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