Data logging in an academic environment can help teach basic science and environmental principles to children. Leaving a data logger in an indoor or outdoor environment and tracking the temperature, humidity and pressure changes over a period of time can help children explore weather patterns and start to understand how to document and support science experiments with appropriate data and measurements.

Environmental Research

From tracking the temperature changes in soil related to types of beetle extinction or assessing the affects of humidity conditions related to paper mills, there are tons of ways the Kestrel DROPs can aid scientists,researchers and engineers in evaluating and validating environmental conditions in various studies. The DROPs also provide logged and real-time data for documentation and charting that can be used in published research papers. 


Museum collections and research archives are at risk for damage due to temperature and humidity fluctuations wherever they are displayed and stored. The Kestrel DROP data loggers help preserve and maintain these valuable items with proper environmental monitoring. The Kestrel Connect App for remote viewing of data also allows users to view conditions of any size display case or storage area without disturbing the environment. Transportation of these objects to different locations should also be monitored to ensure conditions have been maintained through the entire process of packaging, shipping, transport and delivery.

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