For outdoor and indoor use, the Kestrel DROP data loggers help users ensure safe conditions even when they can’t be there. Kestrel DROPs are ideal for monitoring conditions throughout the house, especially in children’s bedrooms, nurseries and basements – anywhere homeowners need peace of mind.

Household Use

Monitor the conditions in a home from room to room. Identify temperature differences that may be caused by insufficient heating and cooling systems. Also, monitor temperature during cold and flu season to mitigate germ spreading.

Wine Cellars

Protect the quality and flavor of wine in wine cellars and on racks. Temperature and humidity monitoring with the Kestrel DROP data logger can prevent spoilage and protect wine investments, especially during power outages. Proper documentation of any incidents can also help support insurance claims. 


Monitor the efficiency of humidors to protect cigar investments without having to open the humidor and affect the constant humidity levels. View the conditions in the humidor remotely from the Kestrel Connect App. Also check the temperature frequently to avoid fluctuations that could lead to tobacco beetle infestations.

Flower & Vegetable Gardens

Don’t make any planting decisions without a Kestrel DROP data logger. Identify ideal planting days with a few Kestrel DROPs buried in and placed around home flower and vegetable gardens. The DROP loggers are rugged, waterproof and drop-proof allowing them to last in outdoor conditions for long periods of time. Use the data from the DROPs to help determine best days for planting and harvesting.

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