Are hot conditions a concern in your workplace? Ensure OSHA compliance and protect employee health and wellness by monitoring conditions with the Kestrel DROP data loggers. View temperature, humidity and heat index exactly where employees are working. Track conditions anywhere needed in a factory, warehouse, farm, storage area or distribution center.

Occupational Health & Safety

The Kestrel DROP loggers can be employed throughout any workplace to pinpoint visibility of unsafe working conditions. Measure temperature, humidity and pressure in any areas that necessitate working in extreme conditions, including confined spaces and outdoors in direct sunlight. The DROPs are employee-wearable so that conditions can be monitored as close as possible to individual employees in their exact locations. The DROPs also log data for documentation purposes and can be used during job site safety inspections. Documented compliance to OSHA regulations can save thousands in government-related fines.

Firefighting & HazMat

In occupations that require heavy safety gear and close location to extreme heat sources, the DROP data logger can be worn inside or outside clothing to monitor real-time conditions exactly where emergency personnel are working. With the most accurate DROP data, a crew boss can determine the best time to rotate personnel on front lines to ensure everyone’s safety and wellbeing.

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