Temperature monitoring is critical to quality control throughout the food industry. Kestrel DROPs are the ideal tool for accurately tracking and logging temperature to ensure compliance with environmental, health and safety standards, including Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) regulations.  DROPs can be used to monitor temperature along the entire cold chain and food distribution cycle.

Frozen/Chilled Food

No matter the location, processing plant, storage facility, restaurant or delivery truck, Kestrel DROP data loggers can record and maintain an accurate record of temperature in various cold storage units such as refrigerators, chilled displays and freezers. Use one DROP logger in small refrigeration spaces and multiple DROP loggers throughout larger spaces.


Kestrel DROP data loggers are waterproof, rugged, easy-to-clean and help monitor food conditions from processing through cooking, chilling, freezing and flash freezing; they simplify the comprehensive process straight through to end product.

Retail Premises/Catering

Kestrel DROPs are a rugged solution for retailers and caterers who need to monitor temperature in refrigerators, freezers, storage areas, vending machines and chilled cabinets. These loggers help ensure the highest quality of foods at the best standards for the public consumption.

Storage/Distribution/Cold Chain

Monitoring the temperature in warehouses, cold stores and refrigerated delivery vehicles is essential to ensuring inventory is kept within specified conditions in order to eliminate waste and shortage. Kestrel DROPs are the ideal solution to verifying these conditions are met consistently. Logged data can also be used to identify any points in delivery that contributed to food spoilage.

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