Kestrel DROP loggers are able to provide environmental monitoring locally or throughout an entire building with no setup, configuration or wiring required. The rugged, waterproof units can be used short term for troubleshooting in an isolated area or long term in multiple locations to create a building profile. Data from Kestrel DROPs monitoring multiple locations and parameters can be combined for a complete view of building performance.

HVAC/Environmental Management

Kestrel DROPs can help in the analysis of energy efficiency and verify that heating, air-conditioning or climate control systems are in proper working order.

Housing Construction and Energy Efficiency Retrofit

Kestrel DROPs can be used before and after a home energy retrofit to assess the performance of HVAC systems and building products, such as insulation, to evaluate overall energy efficiency and project results.

Industrial Health and Safety

Kestrel DROPs can log temperature in the workplace to ensure employee safety, especially in locations near heat-producing equipment where additional cooling equipment and more frequent rest breaks for workers may be required to satisfy OSHA requirements.

Offices/Workplaces and Public Buildings

Kestrel DROP data loggers can track building conditions to ensure the comfort, health and safety of occupants, record conditions in spaces without other sensors and analyze overall building efficiency. Employees can then be assured that they’re working in the safe conditions and productivity can be ensured.

Remediation and Repair Projects

Assessing environmental conditions is a key step in building remediation projects, especially dealing with moisture and water damage resolution. The Kestrel DROP is the ideal tool to compare humidity conditions before and after remediation, and verify that premises have been completely dried in order to prevent mold growth.

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