Monitoring agricultural and livestock processes requires a rugged, waterproof device like the Kestrel DROP logger, which is capable of withstanding hot and humid conditions in remote areas. The Kestrel DROP is also the ideal tool for monitoring livestock conditions, during both raising and transportation.

Growing/Planting/Soil Conditions

Monitoring climatic patterns, such as temperature and humidity, with the Kestrel DROP can help identify optimal planting areas and times for crops. The Kestrel DROP can be used to track outdoor and indoor planting and growing conditions. On large farms, the DROP can help monitor conditions before, during and after frost mitigation methods are in place. 


Kestrel DROPs are the perfect device to monitor produce throughout its life cycle, from planting and growing through transportation, to ensure proper conditions are maintained. Monitoring growing conditions can directly affect plant propagation and cultivation by helping to improve growth, yields, quality and nutritional value. 

Livestock Rearing and Incubation

Kestrel DROPs are able to track and log conditions where stock gathers, helping to monitor animal well-being. Proper monitoring can then lead to reduced disease and livestock losses, and also help maximize productivity.

Transport and Storage

Monitoring temperature while livestock is in transit is important to ensure well-being and reduce illness or loss of livestock. The Kestrel DROP can be used to track conditions while livestock is in route, as well as monitor conditions during transportation and storage of produce and fodder for livestock, where disease can also be carried.


Each grape variety found in a vineyard has particular requirements for ensuring the best possible fruit. The Kestrel DROP can be used throughout a vineyard to identify locations suited to each varietal, as well as track environmental information to prevent mold and fungus growth.

Veterinary/Animal Health

Along with monitoring environmental conditions to guarantee animal well-being, Kestrel DROPs can be used in veterinary refrigerators and freezers to make sure medications are stored at the proper temperature.

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