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Rugged weather and environmental meters that are the gold standard for professionals and hobbyists around the world. All Kestrel Meters are designed to provide accurate, actionable information in critical conditions to help people do their jobs more effectively, be more successful in their recreation, and stay safer. Kestrel meters are designed, built, tested and supported in the USA and covered by an industry leading five-year warranty and customer support for life.

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Utilize our Kestrel Ballistics calibration and Tune Up services to return your Kestrel’s accuracy to factory specs and check that all functions are working as they should be. If your industry requires National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) traceable certification, you can add the additional certification at time of purchase or certify a Kestrel you already own. If you decide to send in your unit for an evaluation, to troubleshoot a concern or problem, use the Kestrel Repair Request to select the options you want reviewed by a factory technician.
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