Kestrel Trade-In, Trade-Up Program

Here at Kestrel, we want you to be a customer for life, so we take care of you even beyond the terms of our warranty with our Trade-In, Trade-Up Program. Trade in any of our eligible products, no matter the age or condition, and receive a discount on a replacement product. Your trade-in discount applies to the same model or eligible upgrade models within the product group. Please note that this is a one-for-one trade-in policy. For example, you cannot trade in 2 old units towards the purchase of 1 new unit.

All trade-in units are refurbished and donated to, an organization dedicated to supporting snipers in the Global War On Terrorism.

Wondering How You Can Take Advantage of The Trade-In, Trade-Up Program?

  1. The first step would be to purchase the new product to replace the old model from our website.
  2. When your package arrives, take out the packing slip and make a copy of it.
  3. Next send the old unit and the copy of the packing slip back to Nielsen-Kellerman, manufacturer of  Kestrel Weather & Environmental Meters.  Please mark "Trade-In, Trade-Up Program" on the outside  of the box.
  4. Your old unit must be sent to Nielsen-Kellerman within 30 days of purchasing your new product.
  5. Once we receive this package, we will credit the account the trade-in value of the product.

Below is a link to a chart with the Kestrel Trade-In values for each product. This chart includes all of the products we accept for trade-in together with the price for eligible replacements. If there is not a price listed, that model is not eligible to be traded-in. Also note, your trade-in must be surrendered to Kestrel to receive the discount and cannot be retained for parts or attempted salvage.


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