Here at Kestrel, we are proud to partner with the leading ballistics science and long-range shooting industry experts to design optimized, innovative solutions to real-world problems. In addition to our partnerships, we are lucky to have a team of staff dedicated to immersing themselves firsthand into customers' pursuits to gain expertise and understanding.

By combining our expertise in weather and environmental monitoring, with top partners in 21st century ballistics solvers and range finders, we have developed the the most accurate environmental readings and targeting solutions on the market.


Bryan Litz

Bryan Litz has always had a passion for shooting. As he grew, his passion grew into shooting targets at longer distances. When Bryan graduated with his degree in Aerospace Engineering, he worked at the Air Force as a civilian contractor. At the same time, he was an active competition shooter. He competed in and won regional, national, and international rifle competitions by applying his knowledge in the field of ballistics. Bryan and the Applied Ballistics team are continuously developing and expanding their product offerings to create an integrated system of ballistics data, software and online tools to support recreational, competitive and professional precision shooters.

Todd Hodnett

Todd Hodnett is considered one of the most respected precision shooting instructors in the world. With more than 20 years of experience, Todd has traveled the world training soldiers, hunters and enthusiasts in the art of precision shooting. Todd and the Accuracy 1st team focus on creating and teaching tools and methods that make the complex science of shooting accessible in high-speed, high-stress situations. Todd joined forces with Applied Ballistics® and Kestrel® Weather & Environmental Meters to advise on the development of ballistics solutions that work in the real world.

Pete Gould

Pete has served 30 years in the US Army Special Forces and continues to train, support, and develop new capabilities to make sure the US fighting man is the best trained and equipped soldier on the planet.

Nick Vitalbo

Nick is the president of nVision Technology Inc. and nVisti, LLC.  After spending eight years as the engineering program manager, technical director, and chief engineer for several key Lockheed Martin programs (One Shot, DInGO, Towerhawk, and all Precision Engagement Technology programs) he started both companies and has partnered with industry leaders such as Applied Ballistics.


Katie Godfrey

Katie has been a valued member of the Kestrel team for over 15 years. She has developed strong relationships with leading industry partners and dealers throughout the long-range shooting community. She is constantly on the road traveling to trade shows, sniper competitions, summits and trainings to gain insight about the problems long-range shooters are facing, and works relentlessly with the entire Kestrel team to find solutions to these problems. Throughout her many trainings, Katie has had the opportunity to shoot at extreme long distances including shooting over a mile in Canadian, Texas with Todd Hodnett. 

Chuck Arkell

Chuck has a fierce dedication to all things outdoor. He is originally from Nevada, and has been hunting big game his entire life. He has a passion for long-range shooting, archery, and was even a Combat Arms Instructor for the Nevada Air National Guard. In addition to his interests outside of work, Chuck has a wealth of experience evaluating all types of products and accessories and is committed to continuously creating and improving innovative solutions in response to customer input.

Austin Wilcox

As a Kestrel Product Manager, Austin's focus is on the Kestrel Ballistics line and he is dedicated to learning the science and skills behind long-range shooting.  Austin has a BS in mechanical engineering and an MBA from Brigham Young University. Outside of work, Austin enjoys cooking, hiking and mountain biking with his kids in the woods. He is also the acting manager of the Kestrel bike to work program. 

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